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Light Up the Christmas Choir

I know, I know, it’s only September. But it’s almost October, then November, then – What! It’s already December! Any good music director at church or theater director is already thinking about the Christmas production. This means you should probably be thinking about it too.

The Christmas production is about the biggest thing we do all year at my church, so I want the lighting to look the best. Lighting a choir and orchestra can be a little more involved then you might think. However, it is not about how many lights, but about how the lights are placed.

Now that you know how to light them, you can begin thinking about how to convince people to let you rent more lighting rigs.


At my church, we use a wireless mic system for our pastor and music guy. We use 8-10 batteries every week. I have wondered about using rechargeable batteries for a while. It just seems so much easier to grab a couple of new batteries from a package rather than dealing with the hassle of the rechargeable type.

I found an article where the author talks about standard alkaline vs rechargeable batteries in his church. They use 40 batteries every week! That would be a big, seemingly confusing system for rechargeable batteries.

I think our church might be able to pull it off though.

I always enjoy the opportunity to mix the audio for a church service. I always like to make it sound the best I can. However, that usually means I just ask, “Does that sound okay?” and “Can I hear everything?” At this point I call it good and leave it.

I don’t think about the more specific questions to ask when mixing music. The questions might not all be applicable to your situation, but they are really helpful and more specific than vague “does it sound good?” questions.

Wow! Look at that crowd.

Hello. Hi there! Greetings and salutations. Hey, how’s it going? It’s great to see you. Thanks for dropping by.

How’s that for a welcome?

Anyway, this is a blog about tech; more specifically, technology and its use in churches and community theaters. The type of place where volunteers are welcome and cash is usually in small supply. I’m Alan, and I volunteer at my church in the sound booth or the media center or the whatever-you-want-to-call-it place.

These blog posts will feature articles and stuff that I think could help churches and theaters. From saving money by DIY to different production techniques to the newest wish-list items; all with the goal of doing a better presentation. These are the things I am interested in and I hope you are too.