I work with a lot of extension cords. Whether it is my job, the Christmas lights, or a special display at church, extension cords just might be the single most frustrating inanimate object in my life. I’m sure many of you could identify with this scenario:

“Okay now, I’ll just grab this seemingly nicely wrapped cable off the hook,” I said.  I then take it off the wall, being ever-so-careful not to tangle it. “Now, I will gently toss it out, and hope to see it beautifully unravel in mid-air.” Instead, it stops five feet in front me, crumpling to the ground in a big knot pile. “Awwww, man. Now it’s going to take 15 minutes to untangle it.”

A couple years ago, I learned the cord wrapping technique that the Frugal Filmmaker uses. I have used it successfully to wrap not only extension cords, but also mic cable. However, I still do not have a perfect Christmas light solution. (If anyone has a good technique for wrapping Christmas lights up, I’d love to hear it!)