Visual worship media is constantly changing. There seems to be a new background or style or technique that is the coolest, the hippest, the awesome-est thing to be doing. I wonder what will be the next trend in visual worship.

For me, the church I volunteer at is in the traditional category. However, I lean more towards the contemporary ideology of creative visuals, different lighting, and overall variety. I try to mix these elements into the projects I work on, but it seems I am always on the tale end of trends. I mean, really, we are still using PowerPoints with static images for our worship choruses. Sometimes it seems nobody cares about the presentation, and it is all about the mental aspect of the service. I think there is a place for both.

This idea of the convergence of liturgical and contemporary to tell a story intrigues me. Perhaps I can skip going contemporary and go right to the storytelling. Being a communication major, I know how powerful storytelling can be. It could have a real impact on the effectiveness of our worship services. If created correctly, the worship service could be seamlessly integrated with the sermon, making the whole service highly memorable rather than just a Sunday morning activity.

Of course, storytelling and integrating everything together will take a lot more time. But I believe the results would be extraordinary.