Hey there fellow amateur/volunteer production tech person. If you’re a pro, it’s great to have you here too! Welcome to ATechCenter. My name is Alan and I volunteer at my church as technical director. That just means I run the video switcher or the PowerPoint computer during the service. Someday, I’ll graduate with a degree in Electronic Media.

I love technology, whether it is audio or video. And I am always looking for new and better ways to do things – for cheap. I will be finding things that interest me on the web whether it is new, better, or cheap. Maybe even all three. Hopefully, they will interest you as well.

Oh yeah, I am also mesmerized by lighting. Stage lighting, uplighting, backlighting, Christmas lights. I’ll post videos or articles on the coolest lighting stuff I can find.

Finally, just a couple words to all the community tech volunteers – Thank you! Sometimes the behind-the-scenes people don’t get the credit they deserve!