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  A technical director doesn’t just know everything about the equipment. No, it is much more than that. Learning the equipment is really the first step to being a great technical director. Technical directors should work on skills besides just the technical ones. The article calls the technical director a “technical artist.” I think that is a great term for that position. Yes, the director has to lead his team, but he also must craft the presentation aesthetically.  

It is so easy to become bored or apathetic to our practice. Turn up these mics, dim this light, here we go again. But we fail to realize that each event is a new chance to impact lives whether with the morals from our play or the message of the gospel. Of course, being a creative artist takes more work, but the rewards are worth it. Remember the reason why you volunteered in the first place.


Up, Up and Away

In my quest to find interesting stuff online, I run into some really creative people. I guess creativity is judged by everyone individually. That is to say, I think I am fairly creative, but these other artists leave me saying, “How did they think of that?”

I guess you and I both will have to keep working on our creativity.

I once heard that creativity is just taking two things that you currently have and putting them together. So, the more pieces you have to work with, the more things you can build out of them. That is why I enjoy seeing new and interesting things. More pieces to add to my collection.

While you work on your own creativity, here are some other people’s creative visual work that you can use in your next project, or maybe it will jump-start your own ideas.