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More and more churches are heading to the web to get their message out. Almost any church has the capability to put content on the web.

If you have just started posting content online or are thinking about starting, a great place to begin is with sermon recordings. Sermons are pretty easy to record, and there are plenty of resources to help get them uploaded to the web.

The more difficult part is producing content that sounds good audibly online. We use a compressor during live recording to level out the highs and lows of the volume. Our pastor is very dynamic. He speaks quietly and then will raise his voice suddenly. The compressor makes it all about the same volume level. This keeps the listener from constantly having to raise or lower the volume on their device.

We record the audio in Audacity, and export it as an MP3. Our podcast is available for download or streaming on our website. But we could easily put it on iTunes or other similar sites.

The important thing is to make your sermons sound good whichever way you put them online.


I do a lot of different things in the sound booth. Sometimes I end up doing the audio recording of the service. Usually, the crew will just upload whatever was recorded to the website as-is.

However, it would sound better if we could do just a little editing with some readily available tools to make it sound even better. Kind of like if the listener was actually in the room.

By learning how to use audio filters, I think our online audio stuff would be more euphonious (Yay! I learned a new word; it means pleasing to the ear).