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It’s almost here! The next couple weekends will be full of Christmas plays, concerts, and cantatas. We volunteers are in the midst of the chaos right now, and we had better be ready for some troubleshooting.

Among the many problems we may encounter during rehearsals, non seems so annoying as that dreadful buzz coming from the speakers.  In order to shoot-the-trouble, it’s important to know what causes the buzz and how to fix the problem.

It could be as simple as a power cord running parallel to an audio cable, or as huge as a bad channel on the mixer. I find it helpful to have a list of possible problems and a logical way to work through solving the issue.

We had an issue with the foyer speakers a few months ago. We spent weeks listening to the problem, checking connections, fiddling with settings. Finally, we traced it all the way back to the mixer board. What we thought was a cable or hardware problem, turned out to be a bad auxiliary.

Hope you figure out that buzz quicker than we did. Good luck with your productions!


I work with a lot of extension cords. Whether it is my job, the Christmas lights, or a special display at church, extension cords just might be the single most frustrating inanimate object in my life. I’m sure many of you could identify with this scenario:

“Okay now, I’ll just grab this seemingly nicely wrapped cable off the hook,” I said.  I then take it off the wall, being ever-so-careful not to tangle it. “Now, I will gently toss it out, and hope to see it beautifully unravel in mid-air.” Instead, it stops five feet in front me, crumpling to the ground in a big knot pile. “Awwww, man. Now it’s going to take 15 minutes to untangle it.”

A couple years ago, I learned the cord wrapping technique that the Frugal Filmmaker uses. I have used it successfully to wrap not only extension cords, but also mic cable. However, I still do not have a perfect Christmas light solution. (If anyone has a good technique for wrapping Christmas lights up, I’d love to hear it!)