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Christmas lights inspiration!

This weekend is  right before Thanksgiving; which marks the official beginning of the Christmas season.

That means that this weekend is the weekend to get Christmas lights up in order to be ready for opening night on Friday.


Here’s some inspiration to help you get started on lights.

I absolutely love this video. Every time I watch it, I get a big stupid smile on my face because it is so awesome and inspiring. Someday my house will look like this. For now, my house only has 20 channels and a few thousand lights. But I’m slowly building up.

Now get outside and hang some lights!


Many venues are preparing for the Christmas season. A lot of hard work goes into producing the various plays, concerts, and cantatas that are presented this time of year. Because of all this work, it it nice to have a video of the presentation. You and I, as the volunteer tech person, are generally placed in charge of this task. So why not make this year’s video a little cooler.

Instead of using one camera to record the show, get a hold of several cameras. Borrowing cameras from friends or people in your congregation is a great way to go. Another option is to purchase a couple mini HD cameras. They are fairly inexpensive, and take full HD video.

Now, during the production, it is unlikely that you will get to run around the stage getting close ups of your instrumentalist or the view from the choir loft. However, with the mini HD cameras, you can discreetly place them around the stage to get cool shots of the piano player’s hands or close up of the timpani or a the view looking into the crowd from behind the actors.

But how will you get the cameras to stay in place? With the clip lamp camera mount, of course!

In this video, The Frugal Filmmaker shows us how to make a cheap clip-on camera mount. It looks useful for clamping small cameras in areas where a cameraman would be distracting.

Have fun making an awesome multi-camera Christmas concert video!

Projecting snowfall on the walls

I am tasked with making it snow in our sanctuary this Christmas. I’ve got a couple different ideas, but I’m not sure if I can actually implement any of them.

I would rather have some digital snow rather than having a bunch of paper or soap chips to clean up. So I think projecting video on the walls might have a really cool effect.

Of course these guys are the professionals, and they use projectors worth thousands of dollars. But I can try, can’t I?

Spotlight on…Followspots!


Just in case you forgot…Christmas is almost here. Well, okay, I guess it’s still about two months out. But you should probably start preparing for it now.

Last year at our Christmas cantata, our music director rented a spotlight, or followspot as it is also known. I had used one before, but it was good to know how to operate a spotlight. It didn’t come with any instructions, we just picked it up from the rental place.

If it is a possibility that your venue might rent a spotlight, study up on them, and make sure you have some time to play with it before the rehearsal.

Light Up the Christmas Choir

I know, I know, it’s only September. But it’s almost October, then November, then – What! It’s already December! Any good music director at church or theater director is already thinking about the Christmas production. This means you should probably be thinking about it too.

The Christmas production is about the biggest thing we do all year at my church, so I want the lighting to look the best. Lighting a choir and orchestra can be a little more involved then you might think. However, it is not about how many lights, but about how the lights are placed.

Now that you know how to light them, you can begin thinking about how to convince people to let you rent more lighting rigs.