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Too many times, I find myself all alone in the sound booth editing video, creating slides, or playing with lighting. The problem: I like it. I am most definitely an introvert. I recharge by being away from people, but then I don’t feel like spending that energy building relationships.

Surrounded by friendly people all throughout the church, I spend too much time by myself. I love working the sound booth, but am I working too much and not worshiping enough?

Sometimes, I focus too much on the presentation and not enough on the life-changing message. I need to take steps to reduce the risk of becoming disengaged and burning out.

So get out of the sound booth and make some friends. Engage with people (and not just when they turn around to look at the sound booth). Remember the true purpose for why you are volunteering.


Christmas lights inspiration!

This weekend is  right before Thanksgiving; which marks the official beginning of the Christmas season.

That means that this weekend is the weekend to get Christmas lights up in order to be ready for opening night on Friday.


Here’s some inspiration to help you get started on lights.

I absolutely love this video. Every time I watch it, I get a big stupid smile on my face because it is so awesome and inspiring. Someday my house will look like this. For now, my house only has 20 channels and a few thousand lights. But I’m slowly building up.

Now get outside and hang some lights!

Up, Up and Away

In my quest to find interesting stuff online, I run into some really creative people. I guess creativity is judged by everyone individually. That is to say, I think I am fairly creative, but these other artists leave me saying, “How did they think of that?”

I guess you and I both will have to keep working on our creativity.

I once heard that creativity is just taking two things that you currently have and putting them together. So, the more pieces you have to work with, the more things you can build out of them. That is why I enjoy seeing new and interesting things. More pieces to add to my collection.

While you work on your own creativity, here are some other people’s creative visual work that you can use in your next project, or maybe it will jump-start your own ideas.