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Mini shotgun mics for a DSLR
Many venues are changing over from the shoulder-mounted video cameras and the hand-held cameras to the DSLR. They are relatively inexpensive, and they take wonderful video. They’re also versatile and can be mounted to any number of tripods, rigs, and jibs. However, they don’t record very good audio.

Maybe we can’t decide which one is our favorite, but we can integrate them together by using different types of mini shotgun mics. I would love the ability to attach a small but effective mic onto a DSLR or a hand-held camera, like my Canon HV30. These mini shotgun mics would allow me to record way better audio than the on-board mic.


I work with a lot of extension cords. Whether it is my job, the Christmas lights, or a special display at church, extension cords just might be the single most frustrating inanimate object in my life. I’m sure many of you could identify with this scenario:

“Okay now, I’ll just grab this seemingly nicely wrapped cable off the hook,” I said.  I then take it off the wall, being ever-so-careful not to tangle it. “Now, I will gently toss it out, and hope to see it beautifully unravel in mid-air.” Instead, it stops five feet in front me, crumpling to the ground in a big knot pile. “Awwww, man. Now it’s going to take 15 minutes to untangle it.”

A couple years ago, I learned the cord wrapping technique that the Frugal Filmmaker uses. I have used it successfully to wrap not only extension cords, but also mic cable. However, I still do not have a perfect Christmas light solution. (If anyone has a good technique for wrapping Christmas lights up, I’d love to hear it!)

Feedback Frenzy

Boy covering his ears.

A common response to the annoying high-pitch frequencies commonly know as Feedback.

Sounds like a wacky Awana game, doesn’t it? Anyway, I’m talking about microphone feedback. I think all sound technicians deal with feedback at some point whether they work at a theater, a church, or a DJ at a club.

As the quiet and shy person that I am, the last thing I want to do when running the audio mixer is to have that terrible screeching sound come over the speakers. As the piercing sound penetrates everyone’s ears, all eyes turn to the sound booth. What is he doing up there? Make it stop!! Owww!

Well, don’t let that painful and embarrassing moment happen again. Here are some tips to keep feedback from happening. You’re welcome.

At my church, we use a wireless mic system for our pastor and music guy. We use 8-10 batteries every week. I have wondered about using rechargeable batteries for a while. It just seems so much easier to grab a couple of new batteries from a package rather than dealing with the hassle of the rechargeable type.

I found an article where the author talks about standard alkaline vs rechargeable batteries in his church. They use 40 batteries every week! That would be a big, seemingly confusing system for rechargeable batteries.

I think our church might be able to pull it off though.